Be The Judge

Greetings, Your Majesty! Whether you're ready or not, we can now begin. It is your court, and the fate of the suspect is entirely in your hands. Make your decision today.

Do you appear to be prepared to investigate the causes and discover the truth? Find some evidence, solve some puzzles, and bring some events to light. You can now rate!

There are numerous instances of violence and disasters in everyday life, and anyone could be suspected. Every day, at every moment, someone is detained by police and brought before a judge on suspicion of committing a felony.

Premeditated murder, whether part - time or involuntary, fraud, bribery, extortion, damage, negligence, harassment, arson, property damage, fraud, and anything else you can think of. Oder was it simply a misunderstanding? When you are actually faced with these claims, this Gogy unblocked is your chance to judge the people who are in these dire situations.

Which of your plans? Will you totally sympathise with them and rule based on evidence and your conscience, or will you rule mercilessly? But first, you must understand the scientific proof. Because you've found all of the clues and solved the mystery, you're ready to pass judgment.

You'll see alternatives for sentencing or going back a not guilty verdict once you know the facts. The suspects robbed a bank, stole a bicycle, damaged property, and disrupted public order. To unravel the riddle, look for hidden objects or clues.

There are supplementary levels from which you can put yourselves in in their shoes. There have been times where you need to intervene to save one person while the other is in danger. Which option will you select? You will decide what happens to them. Will you legislate morality in these situations?

Will you be an independent observer? Are you prepared to accomplish the right thing?

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to select choice