Subway FPS

We'd like to invite you all to play Subway FPS, a straightforward first-person shooting game, here for free and without any restrictions. We're confident you won't miss this opportunity for anything in the world because we know how highly this community values 3D fps games in general, and this one will be no different.

Play our brand-new online Subway FPS game and start shooting! You are heading into the subway to kill all of the terrorists following a terrorist strike there. As you shoot at them and take them out, be careful to avoid being shot at yourself. This will help you win each level.

WASD is used to move, space to leap, shift to sprint, the mouse is used to aim and shoot, and R is used to reload. To ensure that you always have the upper hand over these adversaries, keep an eye out for ammunition, power-ups, and new weaponry. We wish you all the best of success and hope you don't stop reading now because there's still a lot more in store for you as the day is far from done!

Enjoy every moment here and don’t forget that you have a lot of games to check out with new options that come every day. Here are our suggestions for you: Merge Harvest and Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars.


Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play