Swing Robber

Every morning of our next legend started with the planning of the theft of the century, where he played the primary job for himself, yet he wants an accomplice to do his slippery arrangement, and he trusts that you will end up being this accomplice. Which drove him to a circumstance where he chose to deny one of the city's significant banks.

It's basic, he needs truckload of cash and right away, in addition, simply in one of the nearby papers an article was expounded on illegal tax avoidance in this bank, and the neighborhood mafia launders them, so at Gogy games 3 why not rebuff the mafia similarly as they bring in cash, that is to say, by taking it. And afterward the day of the burglary showed up. The criminal arranged everything, determined everything, it stays just to rejuvenate everything.

Exploiting the front of night, he opened the vault with cash and securely left the bank building. All together not to get found out by watches that would start to brush the city looking for cash and a cheat, he concealed them on the top of one of the houses. Presently you want to stand by half a month and afterward return to gather the cash.

You will have fun while playing this game. Extreme graphic design attracts players. If you love this game, you can play some more similar games like Cut My Rope.

Instruction to play:

Hold your finger to jump another house.