Black Stallion Cabaret

What more do you require once you have an armored train? Yes, an entire train car full of delightful dancers! Get them across the country, entertaining the public in towns, improving your train, and repelling monster attacks. The game's goal is to transport this same dancers across the country while protecting them from monsters.

In the main mode of the game at Gogy 3 unblocked, you must merge items created in the workshop to raise their level and improve weapons, dancers, and the workshop. You'll need weapons to defend yourself against the numerous monsters you'll encounter on your journey. The battles are automatic. You have 30 seconds to eliminate a swarm of monsters. Dancers perform in towns and receive rewards such as train car details. You can use details to purchase new train cars and improve existing ones. Much fun!

Relax during the gameplay and enjoy the moment of being a good player. The new online game list includes many games like Martial Arts: Fighter Duel. Pass all difficult levels now. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or click to play this game.