Dino Merge Wars

The goal of the action arcade game Dino Merge Wars is to destroy frightening dinosaurs by using a selection of strong dinosaurs and humanoid characters on the battlefield. You'll need to plan your strategy and choose which of the many distinct units to deploy into battle.

Even better personalities may be made by merging your troops! You may even design your own dinosaur-human hybrid characters, or "dino riders." As a result, you'll be able to launch powerful strikes and change the battlefield's momentum in your favor. Keep your Dino Egg safe and secure until your subsequent battle! So why are you still waiting? Play Dino Merge Wars right now to take part in the struggle for existence.

The gameplay is simple, everything is done in a very realistic way. You will find it very relaxing while playing. Let's go through many levels and see how strong you are. Let's play together and feel great! Do you want to try other games, why not try some other games similar to Subway FPS, Merge Harvest.

Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play