Fuzzy Maze

Neat puzzle game. Move your red block around the maze and collect all shiny dots.

The red square block goes to the labyrinth, where pirate treasures are hidden. Glittering golden piastres are scattered right on the floor in the corridors, it remains to collect them. You will observe the block through a not too clear image and control.

Move with the arrows, try to collect all the coins, otherwise the transition to a new level is impossible. There are green blocks in the maze, you can go through them only once, and then they will become impenetrable, keep this in mind so as not to be stuck. A block in Fuzzy Maze can move in a straight line without stopping to the first obstacle; it cannot stop in the middle of the path.

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Instruction to play:

On desktop, use WASD or arrow keys to move. On mobile, swipe to move.