Heroes Towers

Construct a fortified tower, equip it with the most powerful crossbows and cannons, and repel the enemy troops! - All battles are fought against other players. - Protect your tower from attacks, or collaborate with an ally to attack other people's towers. - Increase your rating and gain new ranks. - Earn cool rewards by completing achievements.

Click on the desired platform and select the desired element to build or improve a tower element. In the game at Gogy online, you need coins to build and upgrade, which you can obtain by fighting other players. To put your tower to the test, press the DEFEND button. Two opponents will be chosen, and their units will attack your tower. To attack other players' towers, you'll need heroes, which can be hired and upgraded for coins.

Simple gameplay and very eye-catching graphic design will attract you. We absolutely can win! If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Rule Your City 

Instruction to play:

Follow in the game.