MathPup Math Adventure Integers

On each level, lead MathPup to the exit. Fill in the gaps in the puzzles by having MathPup retrieve the numbers in the proper sequence. When you've properly answered all the questions, go get the key to unlock the door. You'll go through 25 hard and enjoyable stages in this edition, solving equations using both positive and negative numbers! If you're running out of time, you can view an entire advertisement to add another 30 seconds.

Good luck and enjoy your free time here. You know what? There are so many games that are worth your time. Clear The Lot and Pacrat for example.

Instruction to play:

MathPup may be moved through the stages using the arrow keys. MathPup can leap twice by hitting the arrow key one more while it's in the air. After a level is complete, press the forward arrow button to proceed to the next one. Click the R on-screen button to repeat the level.