Hover Skirt

In this long, striped dress, you're a girl stacking her skirt and soaring over the chasm. Looks stylish! How does she fly, too? Is she Marry Poppins or is it voodoo magic? Maybe it's just the leaps and dance pas of the ballerinas? Your choice alone! Your model picks up not just skirts and dresses when she walks on the ground, which is more like a catwalk, but also high shoes, stylish clothing, and hair (or wig) – racing against time is a struggle! Which road—that of an angel or a demon—would you choose? Dress up as an angel or a demon to decide your fate in this never-ending fashion war! Now try Hover Skirt. Design your chicest outfit and soar into the air!

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Instruction to play:

Shift your body left and right, stack skirts, and gather keys and jewels. The skirts you have collected will then be spent while you fly. Use your finger or the mouse if you're using a mobile device.