Matches Puzzle Game

Move, add, and remove matches from matchstick puzzles until you find the appropriate answer. This game has been around for more than a century. a game that sparks curiosity among players. The principles are straightforward: what you see on the screen is not an ideal figure or an inaccurate, match-based mathematical result. Move, take away, or add matches, and presto! a solution to the puzzle (do not leave unused matches). While some issues can be solved elegantly, others can be shockingly straightforward. The majority of the levels have several methods to finish them (other solutions are possible than those suggested). To get hints, click the "Hints" button (light bulb icon). 


 - There are over 999 levels.

 - A minimalistic style.

 - Calming instrumental music.

 - Helpful pointers when nobody else can.

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Instruction to play:

Click on a match to remove it. - Click on an empty space to add a match.