A Mole in a Hole

A Mole in a Hole is a skill game which is playable on Gogy 3. Assist a distracted mole with seeing as his way home! Take a gander at the guide and pick the correct way! Return home to your significant other before it is time to eat! Players keep working their direction down from one level to another, each board having less openings than the past, until they arrive at the last level, which has just a single opening prompting The Golden Shovel. A basic rush to-the-finish game with fun, brilliant playing pieces, the same amount of fun regardless of the children! She'is hanging tight for you! Features:

- 20 Levels to dig

- 10 Achievements to unlock

- Many different ways to die

- Plenty of distractions to avoid

- That's it! This is a game about a mole that digs holes, what else do you want?

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Instruction to play:

Touch the button on the screen to choose the mole path