Happy Halloween

Are you looking for some fun and excitement this Halloween? Then get ready to have some fun as you play Happy Halloween. Swipe on the items of the same type to destroy them and unlock all levels. Try to remove all casket and make the bats and ghost fall to the bottom row. Complete all the requirements within the given move and time. See how far you can get. Play NOW!


* cute characters: Moon, Pumpkin, Candies, Witch hat, bat, ghost and casket.

* cool design and animation * perfect graphics and effects * entertaining background music and sound effects

* challenging levels

* 4 Power-Ups that will help you in the game: Hand to add 5 moves; Broom to remove one character; Potion to remove 9 characters; and Skull to remove all characters lined horizontally.

* You may also use Special Power and Mixed Power

The graphic design is vivid, the image of the Halloween is great. You will feel very excited if you can join some other games similar to Halloween Illustrations Jigsaw Puzzle and Halloween Zombie Jigsaw at http://gogy3.xyz/

Instruction to play:

Swipe to match