Bouncy Motors

Time to have some fun while driving with Bouncy Motors! Driving a little car through an environment full of ramps, various spinning platforms, and many hazardous hazards will make it extremely tough for you to achieve the objective in this entertaining driving, balance, and stunt game.

Moving ahead fearlessly as your vehicle sways like a jelly, attempt to stay safe and steady as you make your way to the flag at the opposite end of the screen. You have just one objective! Make every effort to complete the course without falling into the abyss so that you may unlock new masks for your collection. However, be cautious to avoid the red zones as they can cause your wheels to come off. Have fun, pay attention to the route and its hazards, drive on the slickest surfaces!

If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at driving games. All the games such as Nitro Speed, Nubic Stunt Car Crasher. are available for free!

Instruction to play:

Use Keyboard, mouse or touch to play.