Diamond Match

On this wheel of fortune, line up three or more same colored valuable stones adjacent to one another, but how long will it be until you run out of luck? Pick out three or more diamonds of the same hue in a flash and match them. Get points by blowing them up. Up until you run out of lives, keep having fun. How much can you score in this entertaining yet bizarre matching game? On the magnificent wheel of fortune, be sure to place stones of the same hue close to one another. To avoid any undesired penalties, avoid filling the slots with mismatched gems! Before your luck runs out, use your puzzle-solving skills and brainpower to make as many matches as you can. Keep in mind that the wheel will continue to flip tiles or spray bubbles, so your ability to concentrate will help you pass past all the obstacles. Rotate the inner ring to try to arrange the protruding gems!

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Instruction to play:

For cellular - To start launching blocks, tap the GO button. 2. To rotate the blocks, press and hold them. To use Chrome 1. To rotate the blocks, press the Left/Right arrow keys. To launch the blocks, press the Space button.